Trifecta V2 Pack

  • Three is better than one! Rock every color of the lunchbox packs with this discounted bundle. This pack is your only chance to get a ruby and sapphire pack in version 2. 

    Version 2 Includes: an Insulated black hose, wider phone pocket, internal mesh pocket, external zipper clips, side...

  • Insulated Compartment Yes
    Material Ballistic nylon
    Mouthpiece Cover Yes
    Size 16in x 10in x 5in
    Storage 12 L
    Weight 1.5lbs
  • What are lunchbox’s dimensions?

    16in x 10in x 5in

    What comes standard with my lunchbox package?

    (3) lunchbox bags, (3) juiceboxes, (3) snowfall lightshow wires, (3) lunchbox matte black icon skins.

    How much water does the juicebox bladder hold?

    Our juicebox bladder holds 2L of water.

    How does lunchbox prevent theft?

    Lunchbox’s anti-theft features were designed to protect users from the most common types of festival theft.

    How much does the lunchbox weigh?

    The pack itself weighs less than 1.5lbs not including water or additional items.

    How does lunchbox keep water cooler for longer?

    The juicebox bladder compartment is fully insulated to keep water (or whatever else) cool.


See for Yourself


I love the lunchbox! It’s such a great product for festivals, hiking, and even just day-to-day activities. Very lightweight and secure with cool, customizable features! - Jacob K.